I’ve been playing the card game Magic: The Gathering for quite a few years now. I’ve always considered myself a novice. But since I’ve taken it up again, after a ten year break, I’d really want to improve my skills and my win percentage.

The information that I’ve read, collected and tried to internalize has really helped me improve my game. After going through articles, books, tons of forum posts and discussions, I came to the point where I wanted to test some of the basic rules and advices I’d been given or read about. This is in part to see if these rules are correct and why and in part to help me incorporate it even better into my game. That is why I’ve started to write my own little tests and proofs on various topics, that I find relevant to playing Magic and that is what you’ll find here.


Table of contents

  1. The 40 card deck


I’d also like to do the following topics at some point

  1. Mana bases
  2. Card evaluation
  3. Sideboarding
  4. Drafting
  5. Technical play
  6. Psychology
  7. Tournaments
  8. Life outside Magic

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