What is Neurons In Action?

Neurons In Action started as a project about game development and what it can lead to. During the development of my first game it became clear to me that the problems I faced maybe had value to others. So I started taking notes and structuring, which sprouted this blog, so that my thoughts could be of benefit to visitors such as yourself.

As it turned out game development above all else takes grit; that special kind of commitment that makes you keep on going. Not that surprising you may say, and you’re right. Lots of things takes grit I you want to succeed. You could get lucky, but the best way of ensuring success is through preparation and hard work. Some things take time to understand and by making my work public, maybe someone else can cut corners where I maybe couldn’t.

As life is my commitment the last couple of years has primarily been to my two small kids, and game development is a hobby that can’t support a family for me. None the less I keep returning to it from time to time, and value can still be gained,, when I work on my projects. So updates may be few and far between, but I usually got something brewing in the back of my head from time to time.

As it is I am also an avid gamer and at some point my endeavours into Magic: The Gathering and board games etc. snuck in here.

I hope you’ll find the content here enjoyable 🙂

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