Game plan: March – April


As I’m preparing for the next PTQ I want to partake in, I decided to draft a plan for how to do this. The goal is clear: PTQ 13th of April @ Hotel Scandic Aarhus.


To increase my chances a lot of practice is needed and that practice needs to be structured, since my time is limited. A brief outline goes something like this: I want to do

  • 2-3 Sealed events on MTGO per week (the 8 player kind of approx. 3 hours per event)
  • After each Sealed event, I’ll build 5 decks of the different archetypes or color combinations and
  • Play them against each other in a best-of-3 or something similar
  • Track (some of) the results from the events and the deckbuilding
  • Read articles and listen to podcasts to level up my game
  • Get into the winner mindset.

The program is of course dependent on me being able to invest the required number of hours. If not, I’ll start by cutting down on the post event deckbuilding and playing.


LR podcasts prioritized

I would like to relisten to the following podcasts. They’re approx. 20 hours total.

Limited Resources 211 – Technical Play
Limited Resources 214 – Common Mistakes
Limited Resources 208 – Entering the Arena with Noah Weil
Limited Resources 218 – Born of the Gods Rules and Mechanics with Judge Joe Bono
Limited Resources 210 – Sealed Deck
Limited Resources 203 – Theros Rules and Mechanics With Judge Joe Bono
Limited Resources 185 – Sideboard Strategy with Brian Wong
Limited Resources 216 – How to Beat Down
Limited Resources 184 – Card Evaluation With Brian Wong
Limited Resources 189 – Mana Bases
Limited Resources 198 – Brian Wong Level-Ups

The benefit of doing this is two fold; 1. I get more knowledge about tournament play and rules knowledge and 2. it helps me get into the mindset.


Open questions

A set of questions arose when I did this post. I hope I’ll find some answers along the road to the PTQ.

  • How do I QA the deckbuilding and technical play?
  • How do I ensure that I’m rested? Lack of sleep severely hampers my performance
  • Which articles do I need to read up on?
  • Which archetypes are there in the format?