On vision and mission statements

When I look at my market definition from a previous post, I feel that it’s time to start working more on a concrete mission and vision statement.

The topic of defining a vision and mission is a bit daunting, but given the scope of making a short vision and mission statement just for myself basically, it should be solvable. After all I don’t believe it should be carved in stone. What would then happen if I reach them?

Vision and mission statements are the two fundamental questions of “what do we want to do?” and “how do we do it?”. There should always be a goal to strive for and when you reach it you set yourself a new one.


What is your vision?

Delivering educational entertainment

What is your mission?

Developing games for mobile devices, that educates and entertains. Bringing original ideas to life, that encourages learning of knowledge and developing new skills.



If you’re interested in learning a bit more about formulating a vision and mission statement, have a look at this Mindtools article.