Sealed Tonight #1

So I did a Sealed Theros Phantom Event tonight on MTGO. I was hoping to get out of my loosing streak which is 0-4. Long story short I didn’t really fare any better.
The event was a standard 8 person sealed, but the only win I got was on a bye and I don’t really consider them real wins. So the streak is now 0-6 *sigh*.

The event was not a real blowout however. I felt like a made slight improvements on my deck building as well as my general game. With regards to the deckbuilding I put together a pretty solid midrange white/blue deck with a few early aggro elements (hooray for Vaporkin). Both rounds I won the first match, but my deck fell through on the second one and I the both times decided to sideboard aggresively into a black/green control deck. That didn’t improve the situation. I got especially annoyed in the last game, where my opponent got a [c]Fleecemane Lion[/c] out and I didn’t play a [c]Time to Feed[/c] on my [c]Nylea’s Disciple[/c] to take it out before it got monstrous. Apparently I didn’t totally internalize what Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong spoke about on Limited Resources episode 211.


So my key learning points from this is:

– Stick with the deck and don’t just throw it away because you lose one match

– Remember what works when playing or holding back spells

– Don’t get greedy


Until next time, with dedication