Problems with Wacom Touch Ring not working

I’ve had a Wacom Cintiq QHD27 for some time now. Awesome tool and way too flashy for my skill level in Photoshop. None the less I occasionally have some fun drawing on it (I actually made the graphics for my games using it).

One thing that has aggravated me from time to time is that the touch ring, on the EK remote I got with it, was not responding in Photoshop. I’d like to be using it for controlling the size of the brush, canvas rotation and such, basically speeding up my work flow, but it was just dead somehow. Trawling my way through various support sites I came across a solution that worked for me; resetting the darn thing. I’m not talking one of those software resets here, no no, that would have been too easy. No, what I had to do was pull off the back and push the reset button under the cover, doing a hard reset. But it fixed the problem in the end 😀

I got the guide from here in case you need it (thank you, Frank Doorhof for making the guide)

Hope it works for you too 🙂