A few updates for the 10.000 dice game


Just a few days after the “10.000” app went on Google Play, I’ve added a new version. Well, I actually added two!

Change notes for the two versions are shown here;

Version 1.2 changes
– Improved layout for 7″ screens
– Fixed a graphics error on buttons

Version 1.1 changes
– Fixed a bug for xhdpi devices where background was not being shown
– Added a replay dialog when you finish a game

What’s next?
I also noted more things I want to change in the app, but I can’t promise you that they’ll be ready anytime soon, but consider the following a letter of intent 😉
Amongst these changes are:
– 10″ screen improved layout
– Dialog popup when you can’t lock any dices for points
– Better rules explanations, including the optional rules
– Translations into other languages
– Computer opponent

Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver all this soon 🙂