Born of the Gods Pre-release Day

So it finally became the day of the pre-release.

Having made arrangements with my girlfriend, to be able to commit all of my Sunday to Magic, I arrived at Fanatic at Claessensgade, Copenhagen around 10:30 a.m. We where about 30 people taking part in the tournament, which made it a five rounds event. My hopes where high and I had greatly anticipated craking a few new boosters. Especially the new expansion had shown some real promise, when I had studied the spoiler list.


Tournament time

I decided to go Blue and got a nice selection of Blue and Black cards. I decided to built the deck listed below. Initially I had worked in [c]Phenax, God of Deception[/c] and 2 [c]Disciple of Phenax[/c], but I found it to be way too slow, when facing aggro decks.
1 Arbiter of the Ideal
2 Aerie Worshippers
2 Wavecrash Triton
1 Servant of Tymaret
1 Disciple of Phenax
1 Nimbus Naiad
1 Siren of the Silent Song
1 Baleful Eidolon
1 Nyxborn Eidolon
2 Sphinx’s Disciple
1 Keepsake Gorgon

1 Lash of the Whip
2 Aqueous Form
1 Nullify
1 Weight of the Underworld
1 Stratus Walk
1 Gild
1 Voyage’s End
1 Traveler’s Amulet

8 Swamp
9 Island

1 Mogis, God of Slaughter
1 Phenax, God of Deception
2 Disciple of Phenax
1 Nullify
1 Retraction Helix
1 Mnemonic Wall
1 Triton Tactics
2 Evanescent Intellect
2 Deepwater Hypnotist
1 Claim of Erebos
1 Ashiok’s Adept
1 Asphodel Wanderer
1 Thoughtseize
1 Viper’s Kiss
2 Karametra’s Favor
1 Nylea’s Presence
1 Nyxborn Wolf
1 Centaur Battlemaster
1 Nessian Asp
1 Nylea’s Disciple
1 Pheres-Band Tromper
1 Artisan’s Sorrow
1 Unravel the Aether
1 Charging Badger
1 Shredding Winds
1 Spellheart Chimera
1 Akroan Crusader
1 Thunder Brute
2 Pharagax Giant
1 Everflame Eidolon
1 Rise to the Challenge
1 Epiphany Storm
2 Fall of the Hammer
1 Titan’s Strength
1 Dragon Mantle
1 Magma Jet
1 Thunderous Might
1 Messenger’s Speed
1 Soldier of the Pantheon
1 Heliod’s Emissary
1 Evangel of Heliod
1 Scholar of Athreos
1 Cavalry Pegasus
1 Nyxborn Shieldmate
2 Griffin Dreamfinder
1 Ephara’s Radiance
1 Oreskos Sun Guide
1 Revoke Existence
1 Acolyte’s Reward
1 Battlewise Valor
1 Ray of Dissolution
1 Anvilwrought Raptor
1 Colossus of Akros
1 Opaline Unicorn
1 Unknown Shores

After losing the first match I made some adjustments, and thought seriously about putting in Green instead of playing Black. The creature count was however too low for my liking. I ended up going 2-3, but I did concede the last game, since I was not able to get any prizes, but my opponent was. We played it out after reporting the score and I won that one. So technically it’s a 3-2 score 🙂

In hindsight I’d say a slow rolling control/mill deck is not viable. At least not without some proper blockers, like [c]Returned Phalanx[/c] or [c]Leafcrown Dryad[/c].


Tournament time, take two

The shop held a late tournament at 5 p.m. Who can resist? I sure couldn’t 😉

During the first tournament I have had the time to talk to a few of the guys I had met at earlier tournaments. Based on the knowledge and viewpoints I had heard and collected, I decided I’d try going Red. This is normally outside my comfort zone, but Red had been looking really strong, especially the promo card [c]Forgestoker Dragon[/c].

I got a nice selection of minotaurs, which the guys at the shop convinced me to try and built a deck around, and minotaurs equals aggro. Yup, they’re a malicious bunch of bulls.

The deck came out like this

1 Forgestoker Dragon
2 Kragma Warcaller
1 Kragma Butcher
1 Stormcaller of Keranos
1 Oracle of Bones
1 Pharagax Giant
1 Reckless Reveler
1 Erebos’s Emissary
1 Warchanter of Mogis
1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
2 Servant of Tymaret
1 Burnished Hart

2 Rage of Purphoros
1 Fated Conflagration
1 Weight of the Underworld
1 Pharika’s Cure
1 Asphyxiate
1 Boon of Erebos
1 Springleaf Drum
1 Traveler’s Amulet

8 Mountain
8 Swamp
1 Island

1 Spark Jolt
1 Scouring Sands
1 Epiphany Storm
1 Impetuous Sunchaser
1 Dragon Mantle
1 Rise to the Challenge
1 Demolish
1 Satyr Rambler
1 Akroan Crusader
1 Loathsome Catoblepas
1 Forsaken Drifters
1 Grisly Transformation
2 Scourgemark
1 Ordeal of Erebos
1 Cutthroat Maneuver
1 Lost in a Labyrinth
1 Deepwater Hypnotist
1 Coastline Chimera
1 Triton Fortune Hunter
1 Omenspeaker
1 Nyxborn Triton
1 Dissolve
1 Griptide
1 Voyage’s End
1 Bident of Thassa
1 Eternity Snare
1 Oracle’s Insight
1 Stratus Walk
1 Retraction Helix
1 Nullify
1 Last Breath
1 Fated Retribution
1 Great Hart
1 Elite Skirmisher
1 Lagonna-Band Elder
1 Observant Alseid
2 Oreskos Sun Guide
1 Glimpse the Sun God
1 Revoke Existence
1 Gods Willing
1 Battlewise Valor
1 Mortal’s Resolve
1 Karametra’s Favor
1 Raised by Wolves
1 Shredding Winds
1 Feral Invocation
1 Leafcrown Dryad
1 Mistcutter Hydra
1 Snake of the Golden Grove
1 Staunch-Hearted Warrior
2 Setessan Oathsworn
1 Nyxborn Wolf
1 Mischief and Mayhem
1 Skyreaping
1 Satyr Hedonist
1 Satyr Piper
1 Guardians of Meletis
1 Siren Song Lyre
1 Temple of Mystery

At the end of the event my score was 3-2. Better than I hoped. Sweet 😀

Key points in the deck is the solid mana base, the synergy between the minotaurs and the efficient removal. The only removal spell that didn’t perform like I wanted it to, was [c]Asphyxiate[/c]. The “untapped” clause makes you unable to use it when you’re behind, since your opponent will be pummelling you with his fatties.

Another nice synergy was between [c]Servant of Tymaret[/c] and [c]Springleaf Drum[/c]. The extra mana can be used to fuel the scry ability on [c]Stormcaller of Keranos[/c], which also helped me steal some games.


As for Born of the Gods I truly enjoyed the new set. I my opinion the Theros block is really interesting, and Born of the Gods is no exception.


Until next time, take care all 🙂