Book recommendation “Clean Architecture”

Hi all,

This time I’d been fortunate enough to have the book “Clean Architecture” in my hands. Why fortunate, you may ask. Well, I’d say the the book is a must read if you want to improve your skills when it come to building maintainable software.

Programming principles

The author Robert C. Martin (or “Uncle Bob” as he known as in the industry( goes through a set of software architecture principles coined the SOLID principles. I believe that following these principles you will write better software, as you’ll architect and structure it much better. And I try to do I when I’m programming.

I think the book does a good job of explaining these and through practice I believe you should be able to incorporate these whenever you program. Or at least that is my hypothesis 😉

Writing maintainable code

The book also goes to some lengths to point out what a good software architect should strive to accomplish, namely making code easy to maintain. If you look at online review there are diverging opinions on how many pages should be spent on this, but what I can say is that from my professional experience I have never seen any piece of code, component or system that over time became harder and harder to maintain, as features where added. So, in my opinion, you always need to be diligent about reducing your technical debt or maintenance overhead if you will.

You can go have a look at the book at Amazon